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24 Hour / 365 day a year availability

Site Maintenance Solutions (SMS) provides around-the-clock service as needed without the typical premium charges normally associated with nights, weekends, and holiday service calls.  SMS's around-the-clock availability improves the owner's ability to maximize production by minimizing stress on livestock caused by unpredictable equipment failures.     

Some of the services we perform:

Feed Systems

  • Feedline installation and repair 
  • Welding and repair of feeders and augers 
  • Thawing of frozen feed lines
  • Installation and repair of controls 

Ventilation Systems

  • Installation and repair of ventilation controls 
  • Repair and installation of venitlation fans
  • Installation and repair of curtain systems
  • Pitcover replacement


  • Well diagnostics and repair
  • Installation and repair
    • Waterlines
    • Medicators
    • Soaker lines
    • Office fixtures


  • Security lighting
  • Alarm systems
  • All necessary electrical needs

Heating Systems

  • Installation and repair
    • Forced air heaters
    • Radiant heat systems
    • Brooder heaters
    • Office heat

Structure and Facility

  • Scraper systems
  • Gate repair and welding
  • Slat lifting and repair
  • Deep pit column and beam repair
  • Door and lock repair
  • Load chute welding and repair
  • Installing Slat Savers 

Maintenance Service Pricing
$45/Hour (1/2 minimum billing, 1/4 hour increments)
$1/mile trip charge (one way from technician home base)

Give us a call to discuss how SMS can meet all of your site maintenance needs while providing the highest possible value for your facility repair dollars.

Site Maintenance Solutions, LLP
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