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"Other pit covers cannot handle the weather and abuse they constantly face, this means many expensive and unnecessary service calls and repairs.  TNT Covers are designed to provide superior support for ventilation fans for the life of the cover."  Kerry Nicolaus, CEO Site Maintenance Solutions 

Quality Materials  

TNT Covers are made from green-treated lumber, stainless steel screws, and 1/4" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheeting.  4x4s are used for external framing to minimize the damage caused by removal and installation of the cover during agitation and pumping of the pit.  2x4s are used for internal framing to provide support for the ventilation fan.  Many competitor products have no center support, resulting sagging and misaligned fans. 

Durable Craftsmanship

TNT Covers are securely assembled using standard framing techniques.  The perimeter 4x4s are notched to provide added strength.  The center support framing is built specifically to support standard fan flanges. 

Custom Fit Design

Each TNT Cover is built exactly to specific pit dimensions provided by the site owner or manager.  Each pit should be measured individually to ensure proper mounting and seal.

TNT Cover Additional Benefits

Quality manufactured TNT Covers provide improved ventilation as a result of a proper pit seal.  Safety is improved for site maintenance technicians who must perform routine maintenance on ventilation fans.  TNT Covers provide the strength necessary to suppport significant snow accumulation common to the upper Midwest.

Delivery and Installation

SMS Site Maintenance Technicians will:

  1. Deliver up 40 covers in a single trip
  2. Remove the ventilation fan from the current pit cover
  3. Inspect the ventilation fan for damage or any signs of excessive wear
  4. Perform any necessary repairs with no trip charge
  5. Re-install the ventilation fan using stainless steel fasteners
  6. Properly place the new TNT Cover on the pit
  7. Connect and perform a final test on the ventilation fan
  8. Dispose of the old pit cover and debris    

Approximate 8' x 6' Cover - $234
Approximate 8' x 8' Cover - $276
Non-standard size or configuration pit covers priced based on materials and design.  Call or e-mail your request.
Delivery - $1/mile for loads up to 40 covers
Installation - $30/cover (see Delivery and Installation service schedule above)


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